I have something very important to share with you ...

Please read the following lines very carefully because ...

It might completely change your live as it did for me and the hundreds of other people I've shared it with so far.

You see ...

We are currently in the midst of a quiet revolution ... which is great ... but only if you are prepared for it ...

As a wise man once said...

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

And with the internet, opportunity is everywhere.

But the sad truth is that most people have never been taught how to properly take advantage of it.

That's because they went through an pre-industrial type of educational system that stripped them of their most important asset, their creativity, and indoctrinated them into being a docile worker.

Thus they continue to work like a robot-slave in a 9-5 they hate and will never give them fulfillment they deserve.

Or as one of my favorite authors, Thoreau, put it in a great quote...

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.

On the other hand however you see teenagers who are crushing it online making more from their bedrooms than "adults" with college degrees.

And I'm NOT strictly referring to just monetary income here. Although that is part of the equation. It's also about the type of impact they are able to create.

And the reason they are able to do that is because of this silent or almost silent and invisible revolution we are experiencing right now.

To understand it better allow me to give you the shortest history lesson ever.

First there was the hunting & gathering age.

A pretty tough period to live in. We were at the mercy of our circumstances.

Then we started to domesticate animals and plant crops. This was the start of the agricultural revolution.

This lasted quite a long time and it allowed us to develop civilizations and make all kinds of cool things.

But then about 200 years or so ago something incredible started to happen.

We started to learn more about how nature works and how we can tap into it's energy for our benefit. That allowed us to start replacing human and animal muscle power with steam power.

This was the start of the industrial revolution.

And now we are currently in the midst of another and even more historical revolution.

The automation revolution.

You might have seen it labeled as A.I. or other names but what it fundamentally is, is automation.

You see, during agricultural times, almost 95% of the work force worked in ... well ... agriculture. And despite that fact we still couldn't feed everyone and had famines.

Then during the industrial revolution as we started to replace human muscle with machine power and as productivity rose it freed up a lot of our time to do other things.

That prompted humanity to shift more towards a service based economy. We went from 90% of the population working in agriculture to under 7%. All kinds of new jobs started popping up. More people moved to the city instead of living on a homestead. Leisure time started to be a thing. Going to the gym and working out became a thing.

In other words things changed. A lot.

The tipping point being in the 1950s when for the first time in recorded history the number of white collar workers surpassed the number of blue collar workers. Meaning that there were more people earning a living primarily with their brains than with their muscles.

What is important to recognize is that ...

Now in 2024 we are witnessing a similar shift where similarly to how the industrial revolution replaced human and animal muscle with steam power, the automation revolution is slowly replacing human thinking with machine thinking. At least to a certain extent.

This in turn will yet again free up even more of our time for other activities.

The same way the global economy changed during the industrial revolution is the way it's going to change during this automation revolution. Only much more impactful.

We will have even more free or leisure time than we currently have. More free time to rediscover how to be human again and tap into our most precious asset, our creativity.

It's no coincidence that we see a lot of people calling this the creator economy.

In fact it's within this creator economy that you see teenagers making a killing online. Whether it's via YouTube channel or an Instagram page or any other of the hundreds of ways to tap into it.

If you are not currently tapping into this new creator economy you can very soon find yourself left out and missing the boat.

Any job you can teach a human how to do, you can also teach a robot. So it's not so much about "some" jobs getting replaced but all jobs, sooner or later. The only thing that can't be replaced is your creativity and personal experience.

So if you want to learn more about how you can achieve financial, location and time independence in this new era we are living in ...

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